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The Shawnee Hills Property Association (SHPOA) Board of Trustees has been working hard this year on budget cuts, trying to get the financial operations of our community back into the black. We face many hardships as we try to address aging docks and equipment, cost of wages, overhead expenses, etc. With this in mind, the board has reluctantly reached the decision to cut back on our SMOKE SIGNALS newsletter for 2017. For this one year, it will be produced only time. The new Annual Issue will appear in March, just before our big Annual Meeting, which happens in April. At that time, we will welcome your thoughts and input about this tough decision, and other budgetary cuts which have become necessary.


In the meantime, all information and updates will be posted on this current website and our Facebook page for those who are Facebook users.

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Historical Information

We are looking for historical information from long-time lake residents of photos and documents that have shown the lake and surrounding areas. This information will be compiled and included in several issues of Smoke Signals and this web site. Please contact us at newsletter@shawneelake.org for any information that may help us in the history of our lake community

We hope you'll enjoy this website, which is dedicated to one of the most wonderful lake communities in the Midwest. Lake Shawnee is a great place to live, whether you like to swim, fish, ski, or just enjoy looking at the lake. The lake is around 250 acres and a terrific place to raise a family, has great schools nearby, and lots of good things to see and do every day. This website will attempt to show the world a little of what it's like to live in our wonderful community, and to provide important information to potential newcomers.